Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Labour Party

Well its like a circus at the moment with the goings on with the Labour Party!

Currently they are in the middle of the election campaign for the leadership of the party.

Both candidates claim to be the answer that the Labour need and both have apparent plans to save this country, although I am not sure the UK is in such a desperate condition.

I travel a lot and meet hundreds of people every week in connection with my work.

Previously when we were in the midst of recession or the financial crisis, in conversation with people I would hear news of how others were finding it hard and a struggle. That was no surprise and it at times it was sad to hear their situations being in dire straights.

But for the last 5 or 6y years I have not heard any such stories or words of distress from people.

Quite the opposite with people and families having their annual holiday and enjoying life.

The reason I mention this is because when we hear the Labour party speak and even the Unions as well, they always talk of the country being in a bad way and people suffering because of the current government.

It is not a message that I hear week by week. Yes of course they are those who sadly are finding it difficult to make ends meet and I do not of one minute detract from their situation.

But on the whole, the UK is doing OK, in fact it is doing so well that many many people from outside the Uk are constantly coming to find work. But thats another story.

The point here is the current leadership campaign that is taking place.

Labour are on a sticky wicket and they know it but refuse to admit it to the media or in public.

The party is now finding itself split between the 2 candidates.

One is clearly left wing and very socialist in his policies etc etc

And the other is the New Labour that is more centre ground and progressive

Which one is right and which one is wrong?

That is the problem! Both are right.

How do Labour choose between them?

Well that is going to be based on individual voters who will know if they are left wing or not.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this pans out.

The danger is that the Labour Party could end up splitting and that would be very messy indeed!

Bish Bang Bong!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Anjem Choudhry jailed!

Anjem Choudhry has now been put in prison for his radical preaching.

The British population are saying "about time!"

This man stood for the ideas of the extreme side of Islam and although he stayed within the law when he spoke, it was clear that he was actually demanding the over throw of the British way of life and its society, constitution and the monarchy.

This used to be called treason. But he was allowed to get away with it for almost 20 years.

It is also clear that he message was in support of Isis and what they stand for as a Islamic group seeking by force and murder to create Islamic areas that are ruled and run by them.

So it really is about time he paid the price for what he stands for as it is simply not acceptable in Great Britain.

The UK is an inclusive society where all are welcome and are treated fairly.

No one group, no matter who they are can declare that they shall remove the government and replace with their 'system'.

It is delusional and downright crazy. Many have tried but failed.

The rule of law in this land is one we are proud of as justice seeks to be fair and for all.

Lets hope Mr Choudhry has a very long stay courtesy of her Majesty!

Bish Bang Bong!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fuel Prices!

Visiting the pump to get either petrol or diesel is not much fun and it really hurts our pockets!

The price of fuel for our vehicles is taxed heavily and makes getting around a real drain on our finances.

Of course the car is a very convenient form of transport and I for one would be lost without as would so many other people! It is easy to jump in th car and drive to where I need to get too.

But there is a cost associated with doing that and for the luxury of the ease of use a car brings us.

A classic drawn by yours truly a few years back!

Today many of us are working hard at both our jobs and careers to earn a wage to pay the bills and look after our families and having a weekly fuel bill for your car is the one thing that could change if the price of oil would fall and be reflected in the price at the pump.

We really do need cheaper fuel and many other countries do actually have cheaper fuel than us here in Great Britain!

The average price at the pump for a litre is around £1.10 give or take, depending on where you are located in the UK.

If the fuel price at the pump was 99p per litre average then that would make a big difference to the consumer and their pockets and even though a reduction in revenue for the companies providing the fuel and less tax for the government, it would not be a real dent in their incomes and they could most likely suffer it and still make profits!

But at around 99p per litre the benefits for everyone would be substantial.

Transport companies would be able to secure their businesses and grow and thousands of other business would benefit greatly and that means the economy of the country has a better chance of continued success and growth and that really makes a difference to everyone in the UK.

Sadly, the politicians are not exploring this. What a difference it would make if the government or  even the opposition, were in talks with the fuel companies to explore a price reduction on both the pump price and a tax reduction on the pump  price. Even a tax break of some kind for the companies to encourage them to lower the pump prices would be worth exploring.

But no the politicians are not interested in doing this.

Just think if Labour announced that they would lower the tax on fuel, if only by 2p per litre, the difference it would make to them being elected? It would surely secure many many more votes and support from the electorate!

Can Labour be so different, as it claims to be at the moment and would not this be welcomed by millions of people here in the UK?

Bish Bang Bong!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Nigel Farage and a tash?

Yes its hard to believe that Nigel Farage has slipped away from the lime light but he has hit the headlines once again..

He now has a moustache and it looks, well it looks odd and creepy!

Not every man can wear facial hair well and after so many years of seeing Nigel without a moustache, we the nation and even Europe has been used to his clean shaven face!

So why now?

As he has stepped away form the leadership of UKIP and is getting his life back, as he remarked in the press conference he gave, he is seeking a new identity that shall reflect his new private life.

It is common for people to do this. Some splash out on a once in a lifetime holiday, others buy a spots car and some even leave society and live off the land!

So a new look and more time with his wife.

The result is the moustache and it is getting a big reception on the net and creating lots of humour!

Maybe he will keep or maybe he shall shave it off but one thing is for certain, you can't keep Nigel Farage away form the headlines of long!

Bish Bang Bong!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ice Cream reward!

If you thought those fancy ice cream tubs were way to expensive, well maybe not!

In New York right now it is hot and not just hot but boiling hot temperatures that is making daily life difficult for everyone! So some ice cold ice-cream is a great way to cool down and relax for a few minutes and take your mind off of the heat!

Well it is so hot and ice-cream so popular that thrives across the city are stealing vast amounts of ice-cream from the stores!

It has become a serious situation so much so that a billionaire has offered a massive reward to capture of the ice-cream thieves!

But what would you do, buy a tub of ice-cream or focus on the reward money?

That is an easy one no? Buy the ice-cream everytime for me! I love ice-cream!

How about you?

Bish Bang Bong!

Friday, 12 August 2016


Sad news of more attacks from terrorists this time in Thailand and sat specific tourist areas.

We live is uncertain times but I believe we will get through this eventually.

In Europe terror and cowardly attacks that were taking place during the 1970's have ended.

At those times it felt like there was no end in sight and it was easy to feel so hopeless.

But we got through it and survived.

Todays attacks are worse for sure and it really is very serious and a threat to all of us but slowly we will defeat the terrorists as they are simply cowards fighting a lost cause that has no place in our world.

We should remain vigilant and keep our wits about us but we must also show that the terrorists are not winning by carrying on with our normal daily lives.

Let us remain strong and positive and strengthen the justice of a civil society in our world.

Bish Bang Bong!

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Getting motivated can be easy but often people find it a challenge.

People often just go about their daily business lacking a real zip in their day and when they go to bed, it has been another dull boring day with the same routine.

Getting motivated has not been their priority!

So it is clear that many need some help and support to get motivated.

Maybe its for your career or business life?

Maybe its for your family life?

Maybe its for that project you have had on hold for too long?

What ever your reason, getting motivated is crucial to be able to achieve and accomplish the things you want to do.

There are many books and websites and social media resources that can help you.

So the first part of getting motivated is to find the resource that will put a fire in your belly!

My advice?

Google getting motivated (thats easy, no?) and sit back and enjoy the website results Google offers you!

Then you can start your motivational journey!

Bish Bang Bong!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Trump incites assassination!

Is it real or is it a television show? But when a presidential runner appears to incite others to assassinate their rival, well you can't make this stuff up!

The news channels are going crazy trying to force the hand of the Trump camp to admit he actually wanted to encourage people to kill Hillary.

The Trump camp claim he was just joking but even so that is one level you really do not want to drop too even if you are trying to make a joke.

This November will be very interesting when America gets to vote for their new Presidents!

Bish Bang Bong!