Monday, 7 November 2016

Hilary WINS election!

"She has made history as the first female President of the USA and securing another 4 years for the Democrats Party inside the WhiteHouse!

How will her Presidency change not only the USA but the world stage?"

There are so many questions that are being thrown up and we don't really have the answers... yet!

Could this be the tag line for Wednesday morning when we will know the result of the USA Presidents election for 2016.

Its a tough call as it looks very close to call as we approach the final hours of the election campaign!

Just who will fly away with the title of President of the United States of America?

The news and media are going to have a field day as both candidates, Trump and Clinton have so many skeletons in the cupboard another are many more yet to see the light of day but you can be sure, that who ever wins, the news and media shall be digging for more dirt to throw at the winner once their Presidency starts next year!

But once the election is over and we can return to normal, then and only then can we hope the news and media will let things lie and allow America to breathe again.

America needs time to get over the result and heal the divisions that have surfaced these past months.

So God Bless America! We wait to see how things will pan out!