Thursday, 13 October 2016

Nicola Sturgeon ind├ępendance day!

So we have Nicola Sturgeon calling for a second referendum for Scotland as she indicates that she wants to protect Scotland and that the nation has given the mandate for it to go ahead.

All this is tied in with the Brexit result this year but lets not forget that before Brexit, the SNP were indicating that they wanted another vote on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and expected a second referendum to eventually happen.


But is it really in the interests of Scotland to leave the UK?

Financially Scotland is not ready to leave the union and would struggle as an independent country, having to borrow a huge amount of money that would sadle the Scottish nation for generations to come. The price of oil is low and that presents a major problem for Scotland.

Also the one subject matter that is being avoided by the SNP and their call to gain an independent Scotland, is that by remaining in the EU and achieving independence, they then will have to pay a huge sum of money into the EU every month.

Right now the call the remain in the EU is what is driving their call for a another Scottish referendum as they claim that Brexit will cripple both England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland of course.

But no one actually knows this could happen. It is pure conjecture.

A scenario that could also play out is that leaving the EU could be a complete positive step and the UK really could gain a global base of trade and success and establish a new relationship with Brussels that can help the EU in the long term.

But as I mentioned, no one actually knows for certain and we shall have to wait and see how things play out.

The irony here is that in Nicola Sturgeon calling for a vote to leave the UK, because the UK voted to leave the Eu to gain control back, she wants to leave the UK to gain control back to Scotland! But she deplores the fact that the UK voted to leave the EU.

Nicola can you not see the silly political situation that you are creating?

You want to leave the UK to have control in YOUR country but you do not wish for the UK to do the same in terms of leaving the EU!

Nicola you claim that the only one Scottish MP is representing the Westminster government is an indication that Scotland is not being treated fairly but that is what we call democracy and that system gave you over 50 elected members of parliament that now have a large voice in Westminster itself, representing Scotland and its interests within the UK.

Any person with common sense can see that this is ridiculous and that the SNP want independence at any cost. Scotland will suffer.

But another vote is not a bad thing and maybe, just maybe if the result goes the same as before, for Scotland to remain in the Union, then that could devastate the SNP's credibility as a political party and they could end up as another Lib Den party, who, are no longer relevant in British politics but thats another story!

Bish Bong Bang!