Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Anjem Choudhry jailed!

Anjem Choudhry has now been put in prison for his radical preaching.

The British population are saying "about time!"

This man stood for the ideas of the extreme side of Islam and although he stayed within the law when he spoke, it was clear that he was actually demanding the over throw of the British way of life and its society, constitution and the monarchy.

This used to be called treason. But he was allowed to get away with it for almost 20 years.

It is also clear that he message was in support of Isis and what they stand for as a Islamic group seeking by force and murder to create Islamic areas that are ruled and run by them.

So it really is about time he paid the price for what he stands for as it is simply not acceptable in Great Britain.

The UK is an inclusive society where all are welcome and are treated fairly.

No one group, no matter who they are can declare that they shall remove the government and replace with their 'system'.

It is delusional and downright crazy. Many have tried but failed.

The rule of law in this land is one we are proud of as justice seeks to be fair and for all.

Lets hope Mr Choudhry has a very long stay courtesy of her Majesty!

Bish Bang Bong!

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