Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fuel Prices!

Visiting the pump to get either petrol or diesel is not much fun and it really hurts our pockets!

The price of fuel for our vehicles is taxed heavily and makes getting around a real drain on our finances.

Of course the car is a very convenient form of transport and I for one would be lost without as would so many other people! It is easy to jump in th car and drive to where I need to get too.

But there is a cost associated with doing that and for the luxury of the ease of use a car brings us.

A classic drawn by yours truly a few years back!

Today many of us are working hard at both our jobs and careers to earn a wage to pay the bills and look after our families and having a weekly fuel bill for your car is the one thing that could change if the price of oil would fall and be reflected in the price at the pump.

We really do need cheaper fuel and many other countries do actually have cheaper fuel than us here in Great Britain!

The average price at the pump for a litre is around £1.10 give or take, depending on where you are located in the UK.

If the fuel price at the pump was 99p per litre average then that would make a big difference to the consumer and their pockets and even though a reduction in revenue for the companies providing the fuel and less tax for the government, it would not be a real dent in their incomes and they could most likely suffer it and still make profits!

But at around 99p per litre the benefits for everyone would be substantial.

Transport companies would be able to secure their businesses and grow and thousands of other business would benefit greatly and that means the economy of the country has a better chance of continued success and growth and that really makes a difference to everyone in the UK.

Sadly, the politicians are not exploring this. What a difference it would make if the government or  even the opposition, were in talks with the fuel companies to explore a price reduction on both the pump price and a tax reduction on the pump  price. Even a tax break of some kind for the companies to encourage them to lower the pump prices would be worth exploring.

But no the politicians are not interested in doing this.

Just think if Labour announced that they would lower the tax on fuel, if only by 2p per litre, the difference it would make to them being elected? It would surely secure many many more votes and support from the electorate!

Can Labour be so different, as it claims to be at the moment and would not this be welcomed by millions of people here in the UK?

Bish Bang Bong!

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